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      Legal issues in airsoft part 2: Belgium

      In Belgium, weapons that launch a projectile without the use of a combustion/fire are unrestricted, it is stipulated as a free-to-purchase weapon which can be only bought by persons aged 18 years or older, as checked from any form of identification. The only exclusions are those on the Forbidden Weapons List. This includes those used for airsoft and Paintball. However, if a weapon is shorter than 60 cm, or has a barrel shorter than 30 cm and shoots 7.5 joules of energy (0.20g pellet travelling at 273.9 m/s or 898.5 ft/s) or above (measured 2.5 meters from the muzzle), it is classified as a firearm and needs registration.

      Commercial sales/imports/exports may only be done by licensed firearms dealers. Non-commercial sales or owner transfers can be freely done by anyone aged 18 years or older.

      In general, all events must take place in private locations. Organizations may host airsoft events under the condition that they are not affiliated with ideological or religious agendas. Also the local authorities such as the mayor’s administration and the police need to be notified and their consent has to be given. In the Flemish region and when organizing more than two times per year with maximum four days in a row, it is mandatory to have an environment permit, also when organizing in a designated forest area a permission from the regional nature and forest agency is needed. In the Walloon area in general it is sufficient to inform the local authorities.

      There is no clear law on how to transport airsoft replicas, but it is commonly accepted among players to transport replicas as if they were real firearms, as to avoid any chance of hassle with the authorities. This means that the replicas must be covered while transporting them through public domain, in a gun-bag for example. Also when carrying/transporting airsoft replicas, a plausible explanation has to be given when asked by law enforcement authorities.

      Also due to strict environmental laws, it is mandatory to use bio-degradable BB’s.

      The use of gun-mounted lasers or night-vision scopes/sights is illegal for civilians, however the use of regular scopes/sights (even illuminated ones) and night-vision-goggles is not. This is because gun-mounted lasers and night-vision scopes/sights are looked upon as being only useful in military context or for assassination (which is, of course, illegal). Also the possession and using a real silencer is forbidden for the same reasons though a dummy/fake silencer is legal.

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