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      Legal issues in airsoft part 3: Germany

      Airsoft guns under 0.5 joules are deemed to be toy guns and can be used by all people. In addition, they must not be worn in public as they can be authentic looking weapons. If the muzzle energy is between 0.5 and 7.5 joules, Airsoft guns are no longer seen as toy guns. In that case, they are treated as air rifles, the minimum age for purchasing and / or using an airsoft gun is 18 years. These guns need a special marking, the so-called “F in a pentagon”, otherwise they are illegal to possess.

      The trade and possession of Airsoft guns is otherwise mainly unrestricted, but transportation is permitted only in a closed container. The shoot or ready access port is permitted only on a closed private property.

      The possession of lamps or lasers meant for (Airsoft) guns requires a permission, a violation constitutes an offense.

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