Metz 19-10-2021 Report of our journalist Mr. Press. During the conflicts between the Rebels and NATO, the CIA/SOG has been investigating suspicious persons. The CIA does not want to say who these were and why an investigation into this has taken place. In fact, the CIA denied the presence of any CIA or any SOG team. It is suspected that this was a special mission commissioned by the UPB [Universal Peace Builders]. However, we have found out from reliable sources that Mister Bommenof was not the person we thought he was and his true identity is still unknown except that he has a NoordLandisch nationality and he was present in the area for research, what kind of research is still unknown.

2022 As rulers around the world face the challenges of a new world order and by transferring Commander Knight to an unknown location, UPB has requested NATO to transfer command to ARRC to which the UPB [Universal Peace Builders] is committed to succeed in a plan that could finally bring peace between Europe and the Rebels still suffering the ravages of war. But too many groups have invested too much blood for the plan to fail – the new world order has one last-ditch card to play. With one horrific act, the world is plunged into a nuclear crisis. On behalf of the UPB [Universal Peace Builders], a platoon from the ARRC [Allied Rapid Reaction Corps] has already been sent to Metz for reconnaissance, but are they the only ones present?

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It’s no longer a big question what happend in 2021. But what exactly was it? If you’ve been there you know what happend!


After Gen. El Suwasi was located near the Dutch town of Landgraaf

Local police started a search for the general.

Eventually he was caught and brought to the local jail where he was questioned by the head of local police and executed without trial a few hours later.

He never gave up any information about the chemicals or the leader of the AQB splinter cell.

The splinter cell and their leader disappeared from their hiding place in the Netherlands.

Last week there appeared a video on the darkweb from his nephew (Sahid A.) where in the nephew swore to get revenge on the chief of police and all NATO forces because he thinks that they are responsible for the death of General El Suwasi.

Also the bombmaker is still at large and creating terror throughout Europe with fundings from the AQB.

Last known sightings say he has been seen in France near the town of Metz.

NATO believes that if they can locate the bombmaker they will also find the splinter cell and Sahid A.